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Trunk is made of dirt- and water resistant textile in lengths about 30 meter, that cuts to fit your wishes.

The trunk has two channels, one for electrical power and one for phone- and computer cables. Both channels is provided with lengthwise velcro, which makes it easier to open and to seal.

The trunks anchor point, that we call “shark fin”, is also provided with velcro and can therefore easily be attached anywhere on the trunk. The distance between the shark fins placement and the socket (ex the ceiling or a cable latter) creates the radius within the workplace can be moved with a retained speed.

Trunk is a Swedish proprietary product - made in purpose to meet the requirement on flexibility. Trunk fulfills even EU-demand when it comes to safety distance between electrical power and signal cables. Trunk has furthermore SEMKO certification, nr. 9822311/01

Trunk got in 1999 the award Excellent Swedish Design.

Välj bland fyra färger eller definiera en färg själv.
Choice between four colors or define your own.


Color samples

Trunk can be ordered in owndefigned color according to PANTONE-scale. Folowing colors can be ordered with 2-3 weeks delivery time.

Color nr 018 Black

Color nr 019 Grey

Color nr 019 White

Color er 013 Blue

Färg nr 018 black

Färg nr 019 grey

Färg nr 003 white

Färg nr 013 blue


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