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Creative solutions with trunk

Trunk offers lots of benefits, creative solutions and new wherewithal:

·         Created for open office.

·         Fits just as good to freshen up the solid installations.

·         Low meterprice.

·         Also ready for delivery in  four different colors, but you can order any color.

·         Very flexible

·         Easy to install, takes care of your harness

·         The workplace can be moved in the room with maintained speed

·         Safety distance between electricity and data according to EUs directive*  


* EUs direktiv: EMC (electromagnetical compability) EN 50173, gällande från 960101, där 50 mm anges som minsta avstånd mellan kraft- och data-kabel för tillåten in- och utstrålning.

En flexibel kabelstrumpa. lätt att installera
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